9. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Dönem 1. Yazılı Soruları

9. sınıf ingilizce dersi 2. dönem 1. yazılı sorularını aşağıdaki bağlantıdan word dosyası olarak indirebilirsiniz. Word dosyasında yer alan yazılı soruları aşağıda yer almaktadır. Soruların tam ve görselli hali için word dosyasını indiriniz.

Name :                   ……………………………………… HIGH SCHOOL

Number:              2013-14  ACADEMIC YEAR 9TH GRADE 2ND  TERM  1ST EXAM  AAA


Mad bout sport                                                                   

Jason Tripp is a sports fanatic. He plays football and basketball, and he does martial arts. He also goes swimming twice a week.

‘I love sport’ he says. ‘When I was younger, I wanted to be a footballer and play for Manchester United. But too many people want to be famous sports people and I’m not quite good enough. So I think I’ll probably go to university after school. Then I’ll travel for a year, and after that I’ll become a sports teacher. I’ve got lots of younger cousins, so I’m good with     children.

‘I do lots of different sports, but now I want to try diving. Some people say that diving is very dangerous, but I don’t agree. If you prepare and train well and have the right equipment, then I don’t think there will be any problems. When I was on holiday last year, I tried mountain climbing for the first time. Climbing is a bit dangerous, but it’s also really exciting!’

‘I watch a lot of sports, too. I watch football, cycling and skiing on TV. I’d like to go to Old Trafford, the Manchester United stadium, but I don’t live in Manchester. I have to watch their matches on TV!’


Read the passage; Are these sentences True or False? Correct the false sentences (10pts)

  1. Jason goes swimming twice a week.
  2. Jason will become a sports teacher.
  3. Jason thinks that diving is very dangerous.
  4. Jason watches the matches in the Manchester United stadium.
  5. Jason would like to try mountain climbing.    



Fill in the blanks with the correct words. (10pts)

artificial          confident         gave up            diseases           optimistic       increasing

inventions        pull out                        cure     turn off

  1. My husband __________ smoking last year because he was coughing badly.
  2. There are so many ____________ in the 20th century for technology.
  3. Don’t forget to ___________ the lights before you go out.
  4. I’m a/an ______________ person; I never think bad side of life.
  5. ____________ is the opposite of natural.
  6. I feel ___________ when I answer the all questions correctly.
  7. Population of Turkey is __________ very fast.
  8. Yesterday I went to the dentist and he had to _____________ my tooth.
  9. Today there are many ____________ like cancer, AIDS, etc.., and the scientists are trying to find out _____________ for them.

Write the illness for each symptom.

  1. I can’t eat anything. I have a pain in my throat. _________
  2. I can’t open my mouth. It hurts. _________
  3. I have got a runny nose. I can’t stop coughing and sneezing. _____
  4. I feel terrible. There is a pain in my stomach. ________



  1. I.         Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs. (20pts)
  1. Look! These two cars _______________ (crash) in a minute .
  2. While we _______________ (have) dinner, the door bell ________(ring).
  3. Who ______________ you _______________ (talk) when I _______________ (see) you?
  4. This time last year they _______________ (trek) in the Himalayas.
  5. I __________ (buy) this jumper here last week but now I __________ (want) to change it.
  6. A: I  _______________ (not/have) my wallet.

B: Don’t worry I _______________ (lend) some money.



  1. II.       Complete the sentences with “ had to”, “didn’t have to”, “could”, “couldn’t”, “can” .(10pts)
  1. Paul worked really hard for exam. He _____________ please his parents.
  2. They __________ buy lots of sugar. There was a lot of in the cupboard.
  3. Harry didn’t need a calculator at the exam. He __________ do very difficult problems in his head.
  4. He spoke very quickly and I ______________ understand anything he said.
  5. You don’t have to shout. I __________ hear you very well.


  1. III.      Rewrite the sentences.(16pts)
  2. 1.   The students can have a holiday. It may snow much enough.(if)


  1. 2.   James remembered the kitchen door. He left the house.(just as)


  1. 3.   Her father watched the match on TV. She talked her friend on the phone.(while)


  1. 4.   Mrs. Nicholson climbed the stairs. She slipped and broke her arm.(when)


  1. 5.   He doesn’t feel better. He can’t leave the hospital.(unless)


  1. 6.   It was necessary to wear hats for my mum when she was in high school.(have to)


  1. 7.   You mix blue and yellow. You get green. (if)


  1. 8.   Jason had the ability to play the violin when he was 10. (could)


  1. IV.         Rewrite the sentences. (10pts)
  2. 1.   Shelia was an unpopular person, so I didn’t invite her. (enough)


  1. 2.   I can’t afford plane tickets because they are expensive.(too)


  1. 3.   The report is boring. He can’t read easily. (too)


  1. 4.   I think the film wasn’t interesting for me.(enough/watch)


  1. 5.   The room is dark. I can’t see anything. (enough)



Write the dialogue using the sentences below. (10pts)


a)    When did it happen?              _____

b)    Auch! It hurts.                       _____

c)    Thank you, Doctor goodbye    _____

d)    Do I have to go now?               _____

e)    I hurt my ankle.                      _____

f)    I think you twisted it. You must go to hospital for an X-ray.  __7__

g)    Hello, What’s the matter?      _____

h)    Let me see it. Can you move it?____

i)     Goodbye.                                ____

j)    Yesterday, I fell down while I was playing tennis.                              _____

k)    Yes, take this letter with you. ____





Answer the questions  ( 2pts each sentence)
1. What happens if the natural environment changes? (write two sentences).
2. What can we do to protect the environment? ( two sentences)


3. What will people do if they  become overweight?


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